Does Earning More Money Impact Job Satisfaction?

by Daniel Hannig

How often have you heard someone say: “Oh, I love my job, mainly because I make a lot of money”? Salary is normally not the first thing that comes to mind when engaged employees talk about their jobs. It is rather something along the lines of “great colleagues”, “amazing leadership”, “they’re paying for my further education”, or “awesome culture”, right? Surely a good salary is the basis for every engaged employee and their job satisfaction, but it’s not going to be enough to keep them at your company in the long run. The myth that high salary equals high engagement is only one of many that surround the field of employee engagement and we are going to debunk this one today.

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Best Of 2019 – Our Top Five

It is that time of the year again, the company Christmas tree has found its way from the basement into our office, reindeer sweaters and other questionable fashion statements are gaining popularity, Christmas lights are decorating the office cactus and Mariah Carey has seized control of radio stations worldwide. We would like to add something else to these already existing pre-Christmas essentials, namely our “Blog Article Best Of 2019”. From now on, we will gather our most read blog articles of the past year and summarize them in an annual wrap-up article, giving you an overview of what our readership has been most fond of lately and to show what topics were particularly hot in the field of Employee Engagement.

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Four Most Common Employee Engagement Myths

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to answer the question: “What is employee engagement?”. We certainly have. While this constantly evolving concept remains very hard to define, it is also surrounded by various myths and misconceptions, making the explanation even more difficult. To shed more light on the situation, we decided to hold a webinar on this topic. This article includes the most important takeaways from the first episode of our webinar series and also explains why you should never hesitate to invest in engagement.

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Employee Engagement in Healthcare

Employees working in the healthcare sector often enter this line of work because of their motivation to help and care for other people. This makes healthcare an area where employee engagement comes naturally with the job. Or so one might think. In reality, there are many factors that make it increasingly hard to maintain a high level of Employee Engagement in healthcare. However, there are also very convincing examples which prove that this is indeed possible, as one Dutch company demonstrates in particular.

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