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Deliver superior customer experiences

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    Capture Customer Experiences

    Use a wide range of feedback channels, from our own feedback terminals, to email, links, QR codes and many more.

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    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Measure customer satisfaction and know exactly which areas need improvement.

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    Reduce Customer Churn

    Use customer insights to deliver superior experiences, decrease customer churn and accelerate revenue growth.

Collect meaningful feedback at key customer touchpoints

Customer Success Surveys

Improve your customer lifetime value

Making your customers as successful as possible is key to building a healthy and growing business. Successful customers not only stick to your product or service, they are also happy to spread the word about your company.

This is why it is crucial to measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty through metrics like the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Measuring metrics like satisfaction and word-of-mouth lets you keep an overview of your customer relationships and more importantly, enables you to predict and prevent customer churn.

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Customer Service Surveys

Monitor service quality

Improved service quality is correlated with profitability and long-term economic competitiveness. In simpler terms, happy customers and good customer relationships are a key ingredient for becoming a market leader.

Metrics like CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) are industry standards to accurately measure overall satisfaction with customer service. These metrics combined with feedback collected from more specific questions let you know exactly which customer service areas need improvement.

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Sales Surveys

Level up your sales organization

Collecting relevant feedback at every step of your customer’s buying journey can greatly enhance sales performance. With every won and lost customer, your sales force becomes more knowledgeable and more successful.

Measuring customer satisfaction as well as gaining insights into why customers have been won or lost will tell your sales team what approaches work best and significantly improve their win rates.

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Product Feedback Surveys

Know what customers think about your product

Your product is the core of your business that has the most interactions with your customers. Therefore, product quality and product design are the cornerstones of customer experience.

Measuring product quality, likelihood to recommend or user experience lets you inform your product development. This data-driven approach will not only lead to more clarity of how your product is perceived, but will ultimately let you prioritize the most important features and fix product defects faster.

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Marketing Surveys

Do market research like a pro

Marketing surveys are a powerful instrument to get a better picture of who your customers are, what they think about your product or service, and what preferences they have.

With the insights gained from marketing surveys, you are able to base your marketing campaigns and strategies on actual research, create your ideal personas, and survey aspects like brand perception or buying behavior. Thus, giving you all the data you need to scaling your marketing activities profitbably.

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Conference Feedback Surveys

Collect feedback on conferences and events

Conferences and other events that require a lot of planning and organizing can benefit greatly from attendee feedback surveys, either before, during or after the event.

With conference surveys you can measure overall satisfaction, rate speakers and talks, collect feedback on service quality, or simply get to know your audience better. All these insights let you significantly increase the impact of your next conferences and other events.

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Use our high-quality feedback terminals to gather customer data

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    Monitor NPS, CSAT metrics or your custom KPIs in one dashboard

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    Segment results by your company locations

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    Benchmark yourself against your industry

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