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Features and benefits

Anyone can provide customer feedback

With terminals, you allow customers to provide feedback – regardless of whether they own a smartphone or not. With a simple user interface, the terminals are easy to operate for older people too.

Questionnaires in your corporate design

Present your corporate identity by individually configuring your logo, company colors, slogan and personal address.

Get more customer opinions

Placed prominently, a terminal will give you even more feedback and your data will become more representative. Thus, you can find out even more quickly if something stands out as particularly positive or negative to your customers.

Customer survey as a marketing channel

Through the terminals, you will receive important information from your customers and, at the same time, have the possibility of promoting your products, carrying out sweepstakes and creating an interactive visit.

Ready to use instantly

Fully preassembled and set-up, the terminals can be used from day one without you needing to invest time for build-up and start-up.

Remote control

Through your Honestly account, you can access the tablet from anywhere, control its status and change the specific settings such as the feedback form of the terminal. Your changes are immediately and wirelessly transferred to the feedback terminal.

Offline mode

Our terminal software allows you to gather feedback also in areas without WiFi or reception. Filled out questionnaires are simply saved on the tablet and sent at a later point in time as soon as an internet connection exists.

Any type of customer survey is possible

You can create individual questions, choose from a plethora of question types (5-star rating, text field, choice field, etc.) and also use complex functions such as junctions.

Automatic updates

Adjust your questionnaires, texts and pictures at any time. Your terminal will automatically update the data behind the scenes.

Power save mode

You can configure a time for the display to dim, e.g., outside of your opening times. This way, you save electricity during the times that the terminal is not needed.

Videos & pictures

You can set up a teaser video on the terminal in order to draw your customers to give feedback at the terminal. Furthermore, you can add pictures to questions.

Integrated internet with 3G and WiFi

All terminals are equipped with a mobile data connection so that they can be used anywhere and everywhere, even when there is no WiFi or local internet connection.

Easy shipping

Our partners deliver the terminal quickly and safely right to your door.

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