A Clever Solution - How Honestly Provides new Perspectives

CleverShuttle has been growing rapidly in recent years. In the last five years, the founding team of three has grown to encompass 170 employees. With the team growing at such a fast pace, ensuring and promoting employee satisfaction is a high priority for CleverShuttle. The company is in constant contact with its employees in order to get their opinion about important change processes, engage them more closely and thus foster joint growth.


  • CleverShuttle had already started employee surveys with another provider, but longed for a better solution.
  • Honestly quickly convinces and company-wide, regular employee surveys are introduced.
  • After the first brief surveys, CleverShuttle was already able to gather a number of unexpected findings and derive suitable measures.
About CleverShuttle

Founded in 2014, CleverShuttle is the world's first zero-emission urban transport service. CleverShuttle bundles passengers with similar routes and brings them to their destination quickly and economically in a shared vehicle. Its fleet now includes numerous electric vehicles and is growing steadily. CleverShuttle is currently operating in 8 major German cities and plans to expand into two more in 2019.

I really like the easy and fast creation and collection of employee feedback. It is very simple and you can also do it via mobile devices.
Jerome Neuhaus
Jerome Neuhaus Projectmanager HR CleverShuttle

Longing for more Reporting and Analytics

CleverShuttle recognized the need for employee surveys early on and began using a different online survey tool, but its reporting and analysis capabilities did not meet the company's needs. So it was up to Jerome Neuhaus, Project Manager at CleverShuttle, to find a more suitable solution. Above all, the new solution needed more comprehensive and detailed reporting features. When searching the web, Mr. Neuhaus came across Honestly and thus the solution to the problem mentioned above.

Honestly's Concept is Appealing

The trial month convinced CleverShuttle and the company decided to begin by using Honestly's Pulse Survey to get an impression of the current situation of employee engagement in the company. The pulse survey systematically covers key topics and thus offers a meaningful overview. Strengths and weaknesses of the company can be identified quickly. Although CleverShuttle initially chose the monthly survey cycle, Mr Neuhaus is also convinced of the principle of the weekly survey:

"I think the weekly pulse survey is very good due to the short response time. Even when we had a larger amount of questions, it was only a matter of five minutes, at most. You can always do that in between.

I think the detailed depiction of the survey results is great!
– Jerome Neuhaus

Once the results of the pulse survey are assessed, CleverShuttle uses these findings to carry out focus surveys. For this purpose, Mr. Neuhaus set up a custom survey covering the most important topics.

As part of this survey, employees are now asked approximately 13 questions every month. The questions can be answered on a scale from 1 to 10, by which Mr. Neuhaus aims to show even small changes in satisfaction. In the reporting view, the results are sorted into three different categories: Advocates, Undecided and Critics.

"I find that you can quickly see what's going on in the reporting view, due to the red, yellow and green bars. It clearly shows how positively or negatively employees respond to certain questions.“

There are also many other options for displaying survey outcomes. For each question, the results can be displayed in different graph types. Each dashboard can be customized to the individual needs of the customer.

"I think the detailed depiction of the survey results is great. The fact that you can configure how the results are displayed for each question is very helpful and enables in-depth analyses."

Unexpected Findings and Effective Solutions

The accuracy of the survey data has already enabled CleverShuttle to introduce key employee engagement initiatives. This is also due to the positive response of the employees, which is reflected in the high participation rate.

"We had a very high participation rate of 80% from the beginning. We didn't expect that. This, of course, makes the results all the more representative."

Thanks to the filtering capabilities in the reporting dashboard, CleverShuttle management immediately spotted a prominent metric: The female employees of the company tended to be more dissatisfied than their male colleagues. To get to the bottom of the matter, the management quickly scheduled a meeting with all women in the team. The aim of the meeting was to find out where there is potential for improvement, how processes can be optimized and how general satisfaction can be increased.

"Thanks to the actions we derived from this meeting, the satisfaction of our female colleagues reached the same level as that of our male colleagues in most respects and even surpassed it in some areas."

CleverShuttle receives valuable information through regular surveys:

"Honestly gives us insights we didn't have before. Some things were quite fascinating. There were a few questions where we thought that we already knew the answer beforehand. Often, however, the results were very different than what we had expected."

The solution met all of CleverShuttle's expectations and Mr. Neuhaus would definitely recommend Honestly.

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