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Companies that work together with us are constantly aware of their employee morale and needs. This allows them to modify and improve their company culture accordingly.

We at Honestly believe that all employees have the right to be heard and that employers put themselves in a highly advantageous position, once they provide the opportunity of regular feedback and work with this feedback as well. This is particularly true when you have to make wide-ranging decisions in the area of consultancy and change processes..

Honestly’s products enable you to take into account many different perspectives and angles. Our employee surveys, conducted in real-time, support companies in the process of becoming more agile and result oriented. Help redesign the future of the business world by partnering up with Honestly."

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The Benefits of a Partnership!

Grow together with the expert in the area of Employee Engagement

Improve and enhance your company’s performance - with real-time surveys.

High degree of individuality in design and application

You have full control regarding the design and content of your survey.

Easy onboarding

We offer training modules that will make you a survey expert as well.

Being a partner is worth it

For each license you sell, you benefit proportionately.

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You refer us to a potential customers and make money from your referral everytime we close a deal.

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Implementation Partner

You are an HR consultancy or marketing agency and want to upgrade your work process through pulse surveys? Then you are the perfect implementation partner!

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