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Benefit from our simple and transparent licensing model with unlimited survey options.

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from 2475€ / Year

  • Reach all your employees with our multi-language surveys
  • With role-based access, everyone can work towards higher engagement
  • Create ad-hoc and custom surveys for in-depth insights
  • Collect feedback from your employees without an email adress
  • Benefit from our AI assistent: easy and fast analyses of open text feedback
  • Start initiatives and track their impact on your change projects
  • Cluster your data with custom employee groups for in-depth analysis
  • Enjoy premium support throughout your journey via phone



from 14750€ / Year

  • Multilanguage dashboards for ease of use
  • Data access is automatically mapped to your company's reporting structure
  • Comprehensive Enterprise Service-Level-Agreements
  • Dedicated Success and Implementation Managers for professional support
  • Single Sign On / SAML for a smooth user experience

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Validated survey templates Our questionnaires have been developed in close cooperation with numerous successful companies and scientists as well as our HR advisory board.
Large range of common question types When creating a survey, you can choose freely from numerous question types, such as: Likert scale, star rating, smiley scale, number scale, multiple choice, single choice or open questions.

Even within one questionnaire, the question type can be selected individually.
Scientifically validated Pulse The Honestly Pulse was developed in cooperation with experts on the basis of state-of-the-art science. It is based on the nine pillars of employee engagement.

Based on the results of these topics, the commitment of your employees is visualized in a clearly arranged dashboard.
Fully automated surveys You can automate all surveys in the system. The surveys can be conducted on a customised recurring basis and take as little as 2 minutes to complete.

The results thus help management to recognize acute problems and treat them in a timely and targeted manner.
One-time and recurring surveys With Honestly you have the possibility to create and automatically send out one-time surveys as well as recurring surveys. The intervals of the cycles can be individually customised.
Custom ad-hoc surveys Ad-hoc surveys from Honestly are the perfect solution for one-time team- and company-wide employee surveys with depth. They are particularly suitable for getting to the bottom of otherwise discovered problems in order to better understand and effectively address them.
Annual employee surveys Even large, annual surveys can be easily mapped in the Honestly solution. Compared to the classic pen-and-paper survey, the effort is minimized and participation rates are maximized. The results can be stored for a long time, so that they can form the basis for more in-depth analyses and problem-solving approaches. /br /br In order to support you in the conception and implementation of comprehensive annual surveys, we offer optional professional consulting by Honestly Engagement Experts.
Remote work surveys We have developed a product that enables remotely working employees to maintain and strengthen communication and collaboration within the team.

Our remote work solution offers, in addition to our standard offering, survey templates on the topic of 'remote work' and 'Employee well-being' and an idea box where your employees can express their own suggestions and thoughts. In this way, pain points can be directly identified and resolved.
Onboarding and exit surveys Together with our HR advisory board, industry experts and scientists, we have created survey templates for employee onboarding and exit. A good experience with onboarding has a lasting positive effect on employee loyalty to the company.
360° Feedback 360° feedback surveys offer the most objective and comprehensive look at the strengths, weaknesses and development areas of your employees because they collect feedback from colleagues, superiors and subordinates.
Whistleblower survey Promote a culture of reporting misconduct and compliance violations while ensuring compliance with the new legislation through our Whistleblower Survey.
Multi-language surveys Honestly supports 40 languages. Additional languages can be added upon request.
Flexible survey reminders Create recurring employee reminders for the surveys. The timing of the reminders can be customized and changed at any time.
Customisable survey periods Specify if and in which intervals your survey should be repeated.
Fully customisable email templates The invitation email for the survey can be completely customized to your needs. Company logo, colors, sender, subject and content of the e-mail can be changed freely.
Survey your employees via email Surveys via e-mail are primarily aimed at office staff or employees with their own company computer or laptop, but are also perfectly suited for mobile responding.

The main advantage of this channel is that no employee registration is required. Invitation and reminder e-mails are automatically sent in the design and look of your company
Survey your employees via our Engage App Our Engage App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or installed centrally on your employees' devices via Mobile Device Management (MDM).

It's ideal for teams with limited desktop access or for employees that travel a lot. After the download, employees can register via an invitation email.
Survey your employees via link and QR code With our QR code / link solution you can reach all employees, even if they do not have access to a business email address. No app or other software is necessary. Benefit from complete flexibility. Plans for 200 employees or more include this.
Optimized for all devices All our applications are optimized for web use on computer and laptop, as well as for mobile use on cell phones or tablets. Thus, the surveys can be easily answered, sent and evaluated in every work situation.

Employee and user management

Import employee data with ease Whether manually or via the automatic Excel import function - admins can easily add new employees to the system.
Selected HRIS integrations Import your employee data easily with various integrations. Currently, you can connect Honestly to the following systems: Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, rexx systems, Azure AD, Eurécia, Sage HR, DATEV, PayFit, BambooHR, Personio, Rippling, Charlie, Lucca, HiBob, HeavenHR, Nmbrs, Kenjo, Factorial, AFAS Software, HRworks, Officient, PeopleHR, and Humaans. Of course, we will assist you with the setup.
Advanced integrations with various HRMS/HRIS tools We can also facilitate custom integrations with our system for you. For this, it's best to contact us directly.
Custom employee groups Create as many individual employee categories as you like. These help you to distribute surveys, analyze your data and implement initiatives by targeting specific groups of employees.
Role-based user access Assign role-based access rights to administrative users - from simply viewing and analyzing survey results to creating surveys and initiatives.
Unlimited admins Define an unlimited number of administrators in your account who have all user rights.
Hierarchy-based data access Automate the assignment of access rights by storing hierarchical company structures in the employee record.

Data analysis

Real-time dashboards On our dashboards, you can view the results of your surveys in the form of charts at any time and immediately. You can configure the dashboards and the charts they contain according to your needs.

We offer a selection of several preset dashboards for each survey.
Custom dashboards You can create an unlimited number of dashboards, all of which are completely customizable. Define which answers should be displayed in which way and filter the results as desired.
Custom employee groups for data clustering On our Employee Engagement Platform, employees can be added and classified into different groups (e.g. department, location, hierarchy, etc.).

In this way, corporate structures can also be mapped in our solution. In addition, the hierarchical relationships of the employees can be imported automatically. This ensures that users can only view the reports that are relevant for them.
Role-based analyses Define which analyses may be performed by specific groups of employees and which metrics and filters are visible to them.
Track the impact of your actions Evaluate the success of implemented measures in order to make well-informed follow-up decisions.
Full employee anonymity In order to keep the identity of employees anonymous and exclude the possibility of tracing feedback, survey results with less than five different response data sets cannot be viewed.
Multi-language dashboards Translate your custom dashboards into multiple languages so that you can potentially share your dashboards with colleagues around the world.
Powerpoint, PDF and Excel exports Download survey results as PDF, Excel, CSV or Powerpoint files directly from the solution.
Benchmarking Compare your team's results with those of others or the entire company. In this way you always have an anchor on which you can best assess the results.
Heatmap analyses Display results relative to each other on a large heat map. Use intuitive color markings to immediately recognize what is going well and where potentials are hidden.
Topics ”Topics” makes it particularly easy for you to sort large quantities of free feedback and to process it analytically. This gives you the opportunity to share targeted comments with the right stakeholders in the company and derive effective initiatives.
AI Topics With our Topics AI, you can easily and quickly analyze free-form statements and divide them into different topics. This way, you can effortlessly find out the reasons why you still need to improve certain topics in your company.
Professional data display Get the most out of the survey evaluations by adjusting the presentation of the data specifically to the respective question.

The Honestly Engage solution offers the possibility to present results in the most informative way with bar charts, gauge graphs, eNPS, time series and others.
Calculation of response rates The participation rate of each survey can be displayed at any time and distinctively arranged in a chart.
Single Sign On / SAML All Honestly webapp users with dashboard access can log in with their existing company login without having to have separate Honestly login data. Employees who have left your company can also no longer log in to Honestly.

Data-based initiatives

Targeted recommendations and solution approaches We provide a selection of recommendations that offer practical solutions for improving areas such as cooperation, communication and management and more.
Start initiatives The real-time insights you gain by using our solution can be immediately transformed into appropriate measures within the system to increase employee engagement in your organization.
Track important KPIs and comment on their progress Once initiatives are created, you can track them continuously, record comments, and track related KPIs in parallel.
Track and measure the success of initiatives With Honestly, you can measure the effectiveness of your initiatives by tracking their impact over a period of time you define.

You can then assess whether you have been able to effectively relieve the targeted pain point with the initiative. In this way, you can translate your survey results into concrete and sustainable improvements in the work environment and corporate culture.


Customer support via email Our Customer Success Team is available for you in German and English by email. The team is specialized in consulting and supports you during the contract period to successfully use the solution.
Additional Premium support via phone For urgent questions, benefit from a direct telephone connection to your key account manager.
Dedicated Success & Implementation Managers Our key account managers accompany you throughout the entire process to ensure optimal implementation and smooth operation of Honestly on your side.
Custom Service-Level-Agreement In collaboration with your team, we will create a service level agreement tailored to your wishes and needs.
Direct tech support If you have a technical problem or questions about the solution, our consultants are always available to help you.
Honestly Lighthouse Membership With the 'Honestly Lighthouse Membership' you can regularly and directly contact Honestly's product management and, thus, provide feedback on the product and suggestions for the product roadmap.
App distribution via MDM If you manage your employees' devices via an MDM, installation and registration via MDM can be taken care of centrally and do not have to be carried out by the employees themselves.
Consulting by a Senior Engagement Expert Our employee engagement experts are available to you as consultants. The offer includes a commitment workshop for your project team, support in creating surveys as well as evaluating and interpreting the results and concrete, customized measures for action.

You can simply book this offer on top of your package.

Security & Compliance

ISO 27001 certification Honestly meets the highest standards for data security. We have achieved ISO 27001 certification for our information security management system, an internationally recognized standard for information security. The standard sets requirements for implementing, monitoring, and continually improving our system, helping us to minimize risks, comply with legal requirements, and earn the trust of our customers.
GDPR compliance All requirements of the DSGVO are considered, documented and fulfilled. Honestly processes all data in Germany and guarantees encrypted transmission, backup and mirroring of the data. The Honestly servers are located in Frankfurt am Main, where backups are also stored.

As a company, Honestly is also GS1-GLN certified, certified data protection expert and undergoes regular pen tests. Additionally, Honestly's data storage is certified by ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, CSA, C5 of BSI, SOC 1-3 and CISPE.
Data anonymity adaptable to your compliance standards In order to guarantee the anonymity of your employees, the survey evaluation can only filter up to a certain amount of employee feedback.

How high this number is can be individually adjusted according to the size of the company and internal compliance requirements.
Detailed data access control You have full control over which data a user can view and which settings they can change.
High service uptime Our service is available at least 99% of the year.
Guaranteed Enterprise Level service uptime Higher service level and uptime according to your specific needs.
Vendor Security Forms We'll complete your vendor security questionnaires to guarantee compliance with your data security standards.
Penetration testing Our software is subject to regular pen tests to always maintain the highest security standard.
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FAQ's about our pricing

Are there any special discounts or offers for new customers?

Yes, we offer new customers a welcome discount of 25% for the first contract year. In addition, you can get recurring discounts on your purchased licenses. These can vary from 2% to 15% per year depending on the discount option. We would be happy to discuss this during the quotation process.

How do you price your software licenses?

With us, you do not pay per survey or evaluation. Our pricing is based on annual employee software licenses that give you unlimited and flexible access to our survey tool.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time at the end of the contract period. However, please note that cancellation must be made 30 days prior to the renewal date to prevent automatic renewal. The minimum contract term is 12 months. Multi-year contracts are possible.

Is the Business or Enterprise package better suited for my company?

Our survey tool is already suitable for companies with 50 employees or more. From 900 employees or special feature or service requirements we recommend the Enterprise package. To check individual requirements, please arrange a meeting with our expert Kim.

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