Albrecht Dürer Airport – The Runway to Success with Honestly Feedback Terminals

Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg is an important location factor for the economically strong region of Northern Bavaria with its numerous international corporations, but also for NürnbergMesse [Nuremberg Trade Fair]and North Bavarian tourism. However, due to its geographical location between the major international hubs of Munich and Frankfurt, the airport must continuously assert its position. That is why Albrecht Dürer Airport has one thing in mind above all else: satisfied passengers through outstanding all-round service.


  • Passenger satisfaction is the most important indicator of success for Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg.
  • With over 4 million passengers a year, traditional forms of customer feedback are outdated.
  • Surveys in forms of flyer, telephone, e-mail or letter result in immense administrative work for the staff.
  • Honestly Feedback Terminals have almost completely eliminated administrative overhead, leaving more time for customer concerns.
  • The feedback terminals have not only resulted in significant cost savings but have also increased the customer feedback at the airport tenfold.
About Albrecht Dürer Airport

After its foundation in April 1955, Albrecht Dürer Airport has become the most important airport in Northern Bavaria. Flughafen Nürnberg GmbH is operated in equal parts by the Free State of Bavaria and the city of Nuremberg. The Group and its subsidiaries employ around 1,000 people who handle a wide range of services and generate annual sales of more than € 100 million. If one adds the local airlines, restaurants, travel agencies and freight companies, more than 4,000 people are employed at the Nuremberg location. With a passenger volume of 4.2 million passengers, Albrecht Dürer Airport has become the tenth largest airport in Germany – trending upward.

Honestly gives us the responsiveness that we need to tackle serious concerns comprehensively.
Tanja Schamberger Market Research Specialist Albrecht Dürer Airport

Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg – Relax and take ff

The approximately 1,000 employees at the Nuremberg site serve over 4 million passengers every year. The airport therefore has an important role to play: with its broad range of flights it connects the metropolitan region with the world - thus ensuring the mobility of the business location of Northern Bavaria. Those in charge therefore depend on reliable and direct feedback from the travelers.

However, the traditional feedback solutions that were available to the airport so far could not do it justice, as Tanja Schamberger, market researcher at the Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg, reports.

"A flyer and an online form were available to provide feedback in line with our customer service. In addition, there were of course the usual ways such as email, telephone or letter. But it just wasn't up to date anymore."

Huge administrative overhead dominated day-to-day customer care

Passenger feedback was followed by a long and time-consuming procedure:

“When flyers were filled in, they got thrown into the designated mailbox and first sent to my colleague in the Relations department. Based on the information in the flyer, she then informed the responsible colleague. Then – if requested, feedback was provided on the respective customer concerns.”

But that wasn’t enough. Finally, the data was entered manually into a parallel database. That cost time, money and nerves.

“Several weeks would pass from when feedback was given to when the data was evaluated for management.”

Those in charge at Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg were clear about one thing: this was not efficient and constructive use of valuable customer feedback.

Implementing the Honestly Feedback Terminals

“For more than two years we actively searched for a solution. In the process, we tested internal and external systems, However, it turned out that none of the solutions suggested did justice to the long chain of services at the airport.”

Then, by chance, Tanja Schamberger came across the Honestly feedback solution at a trade fair.

“The Honestly system impressed with its combination of intuitive and easy feedback and the application of market research methods.”

It soon became clear that the Honestly feedback terminals could respond to the airport’s needs. After programming two additional functions - to meet the special requirements of Albrecht Dürer Airport - and the branding of the feedback terminals, the new system was put into operation.

More customer proximity and less bureaucracy

In any case, the first added value I see since the introduction of the Honestly Feedback Terminals is in customer care. Since travelers now enter their feedback directly into the system, there is no additional administrative overhead and there is more time to deal with customer concerns.
– Tanja Schamberger

The direct input of feedback into the system not only makes life easier in terms of customer care, but also provides management with up-to-date insights into operational processes at all times:

“Our management is particularly pleased with the Dashboard feature. Simply because they no longer have to wait for the evaluation of the feedback but can call up the current state of affairs via smartphone on a daily basis. In this way, everyone is informed about current hot spots in a timely manner.”

More than anything, she herself appreciates the customization of questions independently, Schamberger adds. Because that enables her to respond appropriately to changing conditions on the ground. And the terminals are also well received by passengers. “"There has been overwhelming acceptance since day one." This impression is also reflected in the numbers:

Ten times more customer feedback and a 4,000€ saving on software, thanks to Honestly

“Not to mention savings and the knock-on effect of satisfied passengers, which you can’t express in numbers,” remarks Tanja Schamberger.

“Honestly gives us the responsiveness that we need to deal with focus areas comprehensively.”And that is the most important thing for those in charge at Albrecht Dürer Airport. This is the only way in which they can achieve their stated goal, namely to make passengers’ stay as stress-free as possible.

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