How basic increases customer- and employee satisfaction with Honestly Feedback Terminals

basic stands for conscious shopping – which is fun too. And it should stay like that. That is why Basic is keen to maintain the quality of its customers’ shopping experience at a permanently high level and to tailor its own offer to the customer’s needs in the best possible way. The tool of choice: the widespread introduction of Honestly Feedback Terminals.


  • The food market is highly competitive, which is why basic views its relationship with the customer as a clear competitive advantage.
  • Customer demand determines supply on the market – which is why a modern customer feedback solution is a must.
  • The Honestly Feedback terminals solve this problem with flying colours: the quality of the terminal as well as the anonymity of the responses were clear arguments in favour of acquiring them.
  • Since the introduction of the terminals, basic has received significantly more customer feedback coinciding with lower administration costs.
  • After only a few months, employees have become visibly more relaxed and satisfied, as the workforce is also often praised via the terminals.
About basic

“Bio-Genuss für alle“ (The pleasure of bio products for all)– That is the motto of the basic organic supermarket chain. Those who value organic nutrition will find around 12,000 organic products in the branches of Germany's most well-known organic supermarket chain. In addition to everyday grocery items, the range includes sustainably produced drugstore and cosmetic articles and typical organic wholefoods. And all that at prices that can compete with just about any conventional supermarket. In doing so, basic consciously focuses on the products of local organic farmers and cooperative farming companies, as well as on its own basic branded products with particularly low-priced organic food.

We would choose Honestly again and again and also recommend it to other businesses.
Katrin Iwanow basic

basic – organic enjoyment for everyone

The Munich-based company specialises in the distribution of fair and affordable organic products. From food to baby products to cosmetics: The range consists of 12,000 items, all of them subject to strict organic standards.

Founded in 1997, the company now has 34 branches and around 950 employees. Since then, the corporate philosophy has remained unchanged:

“Making organic food attractive at fair prices in a competent shopping atmosphere for more and more people and thereby promoting the sustainable food industry”.

Yet, what does “attractive” mean to the customer?

“It is difficult to read the customer's mind when it comes to problems, worries, wishes or suggestions they might have”, , reports Katrin Iwanow, director at basic.

But it’s precisely this discovery of customer needs that is of immense importance to basic:

In our markets, demand determines supply. Without the knowledge of what our customers want, it is difficult for us to compete in the market.
– Katrin Iwanow

Those responsible quickly realised that a timely solution was needed in order to take on this challenge and to continue making the purchase of sustainable products appetising to customers in the future.

Goodbye to time-consuming research and expensive administration

The anonymity and simplicity of the solution were decisive for the decision against high time expenditure and for the introduction of the Honestly Feedback Terminals.

“The customer gives feedback weekly and we can process it immediately at the head office. We used to spend a lot of time researching and organising things - today I save precious time in this way”

This pleases headquarters – and the customer:

Customers are delighted because they don’t have to read much, remain anonymous and are not overwhelmed by too much information
– Katrin Iwanow

The quick operation and the protection of anonymity removes the hurdles for the customer to actually express constructive criticism. After the introduction of the Honestly terminals, it became apparent that the plastic packaging of a baby product was a thorn in the side of many customers. The persons responsible at basic could react and search for alternatives. The result: cooperation with a company that recyles plastic waste. Swings and slides will be produced from the packaging in the future. “Without feedback from customers, this would not have been possible. We would never have known how much this bothered our customers.”

With Honestly, we always have our finger on the pulse of the times. We know what concerns customers and what they want. Only in this way can we grow and progress in the long term.
– Katrin Iwanow

“Honestly is simple, easy and quick to implement.”

Honestly’s biggest advantage?

“The easy operation. I can extract feedback on each market, every regional manager monthly via the feedback from individual markets – it starts with the presentation of data on the dashboard already.”

Even for people with little technical expertise, feeding in new surveys is no problem. This allows Ivanov to adapt the questions independently and depending on the situation - without having to contact the Honestly customer support.

“If technical difficulties do arise, I always get great support from Honestly Customer Support. They are very helpful and nice. It's really fun to work with Honestly.”

Motivated staff through customer feedback

After all, it’s not only criticism that’s provided: “For a year now our employees have been much more relaxed and content.”

After all, it’s not only criticism that’s provided: “People also leave very nice comments. Local employees are praised by name. That motivates them tremendously and gives them a real push forward again.”

A view to the future

“We always look forward to new features and will continue to make intensive use of this channel in the future.” Because criticism doesn’t scare basic, according to Ivanov. basic knows how to deal with criticism in a way that benefits basic.

See for yourself how easy it is to
use Honestly in your business.