Integration Honestly & Factorial

Maximize Your HR Capacities

Reduced effort & clean data through automatic synchronization of employee data.

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What is Factorial?

Factorial is a comprehensive HR software covering a multitude of functions. From managing expenses and payroll preparation documents to applicant management and shift scheduling – Factorial is your all-in-one tool for efficient HR management. With features such as performance management and training management, Factorial supports the development of your employees and enhances the onboarding of new team members with document management and electronic signatures.

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What Can Factorial Do?

Digital Personnel File

Digital Personnel File

Keep track of your team with seamless digitization of documents and automatic reporting. Efficiently manage all documents for payroll and compensation.


Simplify the recording and confirmation of working hours. Keep track of absences, vacations, and shifts, avoiding manual records and oversights.

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Smart Onboarding

Recruit qualified talents and effortlessly design onboarding processes. Increase the efficiency of your recruitment with applicant management and make informed decisions with performance management.

Integration of Factorial and Honestly

Integrating Factorial into our system is super easy. In a short, non-binding conversation, Kim will gladly show you how it all works and how you can maximize the benefits of this partnership! 

As a Factorial customer, you receive a 33% discount on the first year with Honestly!

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What's in It for You?

Reduced Workload & Higher Efficiency

Avoid tedious, error-prone updates of employee data through automation.

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Clean Data, Clear Answers

Only when the underlying employee data is correct can employee surveys be reliably evaluated and the right measures derived!

Comprehensive HR Concept for More Satisfaction

Give your HR team the necessary tools to do valuable work with limited capacity and increase employee satisfaction.

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