Employee Performance Survey

The performance of each employee should be frequently discussed (at the least in regular performance reviews and 1 on 1 meetings). Especially annual performance reviews should go into detail and discuss the employee's work. This is critical to ensure an alignment between employee and management, to check that everyone is still on the same page and to give employees an honest assessment of their performance. Only through honest feedback can one work on problems, improve performance and continue to grow professionally. Use our employee performance survey template to prepare yourself for these evaluations. The example questions cover important areas of employee performance evaluation and guide you to create surveys effectively. Targeted employee performance surveys can lead to an increased employee performance and motivation as well as foster trust between supervisor and employee.

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Employee Performance Survey - Sample Questions

  • How would you rate the overall performance of this employee?
  • How would you rate the quality of the work this employee produces?
  • This employee takes his/her job seriously.
  • This employee is focused at work.
  • This employee gets work done within a reasonable time frame.
  • This employee has a great work ethic.
  • This employee is open to new ideas and suggestions.
  • This employee can adapt to new circumstances and situations rapidly.
  • This employee is able to quickly comprehend new tasks and workflows.
  • This employee shows initiative to support colleagues when needed.
  • This employee communicates with peers and supervisors in a clear and efficient manner.
  • This employee does not shy away from taking on extra responsibility.
  • This employee accepts responsibility for his/her actions.
  • This employee works well within a team.
  • This employee treats his/her colleagues with respect.
  • This employee is energetic and enthusiastic about his/her work.
  • ... & more.

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