Employee Onboarding Survey Questions

The first few weeks are critical in forming a positive and productive relationship between the new employee and the company, significantly impacting the employee's engagement and future success within the organization. Employers bear the responsibility of ensuring a successful onboarding process, aiming to fully leverage the unique talents, curiosity, and ambition that new hires bring to the organization. A well-structured onboarding process is essential, guaranteeing that new hires experience a smooth transition into their roles, thereby setting a solid foundation for their success. Use the following employee onboarding survey questions that provide invaluable insights into how well your new hires are integrated and set up for success in the organization.

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Employee Onboarding Survey Questions

  • How satisfied were you with the onboarding in general?
  • I was satisfied with the support and information I received before my first day on the job
  • Did the information you received before your first day help you know what to expect and where to go?
  • I had a knowledgeable point of contact for any questions I had before my first day.
  • What could have gone better in the weeks leading up to your new job?
  • What could have made your first day better?
  • Was the information you received on benefits on the first day of the job insightful and complete?
  • On my first day, my workspace was organized and I had everything I needed to start working.
  • Did you know where to go to get additional assistance on personnel matters, benefits, and paperwork following your first day on the job?
  • How well was your supervisor prepared for your arrival?
  • I felt welcomed by my colleagues on my first day on the job.
  • My supervisor quickly integrated me into the team.
  • How my job performance is measured was explained to me clearly and comprehensively.
  • I received additional introduction and training for internal systems and general operating practices.
  • My supervisor provides me with regular feedback on my performance.
  • Does your supervisor check in with you regularly to answer any questions or concerns you may have?
  • How well do you understand the expectations and responsibilities of your job?
  • The organization’s mission and my role in achieving it have been reinforced throughout the onboarding process.
  • The job description and interview process were consistent with what I am currently doing.
  • I am satisfied with the overall orientation that I received.
  • How well do you feel integrated into the team?
  • What was your motivation for choosing or accepting this position?
  • Do you feel that you have been well prepared for your job since you started?
  • If a friend of yours was going to start working with your organization, what would you tell them to expect during their first day and week?
  • What would you have liked your organization to share with you before your first day?
  • Describe your onboarding process in one sentence.
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