Employee Motivation Survey Template

Employees can be completely satisfied with their employer and their job. However, this does not mean that they are motivated to do their best for their organization's success. Satisfaction and happiness differ vastly from engagement and motivation. It is not enough to have satisfied employees that don't bring their passion to work. Truly motivated employees are much more productive, creative, and more likely to take over ownership. Furthermore, they tend to stay in the organization longer reducing employee turnover. Keeping up motivation is highly beneficial, not only for your organization's bottom line, but also for the team spirit and office atmosphere. When everyone in an organization is motivated to achieve a common goal and pulls on one sting, success is much more likely. Our employee motivation survey template allows you to identify key motivators in your organization as well as detect what could increase motivation.

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Employee Motivation Survey Questions

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List of Employee Motivation Survey Questions

  • How stimulating and engaging is your work?
  • How motivated are you at work?
  • I feel inspired to do my best at work every day.
  • I am motivated to go the extra mile at work.
  • My job is challenging and exciting.
  • My job allows me to grow and develop new skills.
  • I feel I am contributing to the overall goals of my organization.
  • A superior has shown sincere interest in my career goals.
  • I feel that my work is seen and appreciated within my organization.
  • The recognition I receive from my direct manager motivates me to do my best.
  • My direct manager entrusts me with a high level of responsibility.
  • How focused are you on your job duties when at work?
  • How excited to go to work are you usually?
  • I look forward to going to work on Monday.
  • I am motivated by my organization's vision.
  • What is your number one motivator at work?
  • What could your organization do to increase your job motivation?
  • How likely are you to recommend your organization as a place to work?

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