Employee Wellbeing Survey

Moving the entire team to remote work, as is necessary throughout the Corona Crisis, brings challenges not only to the processes of the company, but can also put employees under different kinds of stress. We developed this survey specifically for those remote teams affected by the Corona Crisis. Next to job-related challenges, anxiety due to the current situation, stress due to close confinement and isolation, or family-life related obstacles, can add to the pressure to perform. Make sure to support your employees' well-being during the crises by understanding and alleviating potential challenges. Book a demo and we'll talk about it!

Download our free survey template here. Survey Template

Employee Wellbeing Survey

  • Do you feel physically healthy?
  • Do you sleep well?
  • Do you have sufficient opportunity for exercise/leisure?
  • Are you happy with your ability to work?
  • Do you feel depressed or anxious?
  • Do you feel optimistic about the future?
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Download Employee Engagement Survey Template

This extensive questionnaire is just one click away, to be set up, edited, and launched to your employees. This survey template and many more can be used immediately through the Honestly solution. Book a demo and we're happy to show you how!

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