Remote Work Survey

In a geographically separated team, it is usually much more difficult to see how the employees are really doing. Working from home has certain advantages, but also brings new challenges and problems. With this survey template, you can quickly capture the mood of your employees and understand how you can take targeted action to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Discover this and other survey templates in our Home Office Hero, analyze your collected feedback, and get personalized advice based on your data. Become a Home Office Hero with Honestly. Book your demo today!

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Remote Work Survey

  • How has working from home been for you this far?
  • In comparison to working at the office, I feel that my productivity while working from home has...
  • I am fully equipped to do my job from home.
  • My family life makes working from home challenging for me.
  • I am satisfied with the accessibility of my work colleagues.
  • ...access the entire template within our solution.
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This extensive questionnaire is just one click away, to be set up, edited, and launched to your employees. This survey template and many more can be used immediately through the Honestly solution. Book a demo and we're happy to show you how!

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