Management Performance Survey Template

Management level staff often get reviewed solely on the basis of KPIs, statistics or the impression higher management levels have of this person. However, the employees this manager supervises and works with on a daily basis may have a drastically different understanding and perception of his or her performance. In order to get the most accurate picture of management performance it is, therefore, indispensable to ask subordinates about how they view their superior. Just as top-down evaluation is critical, bottom-up feedback is extremely valuable too. This management performance review template allows your organization to improve your management performance evaluation. Using these insightful example questions, strengths and weaknesses of managers can be uncovered and more efficient and effective leadership can be formed. Try our survey template below to increase leadership quality, employee engagement and internal communication.

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Management Performance Survey Questions

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List of Management Performance Survey Questions

  • How satisfied are you with the management style of direct manager?
  • Do you believe your direct manager has the expertise and competence to help you and your team succeed?
  • On a scale from 1 to 5, how confident are you in the overall effectiveness of your direct manager?
  • I feel comfortable voicing concerns toward my direct manager.
  • My direct manager is approachable.
  • How responsive is your direct manager to ideas, requests, and suggestions?
  • How professionally does your direct manager handle disagreements?
  • My direct manager recognizes the importance of my personal and family life.
  • I feel that my manager has an interest in my professional development.
  • How clearly does your direct manager explain tasks to you?
  • How well does your direct manager communicate expectations?
  • My direct manager motivates me to do my best at work.
  • I regularly receive meaningful feedback on my work from my direct manager.
  • The deadlines set by my direct manager are reasonable.
  • My direct manager always explains the reasons behind decisions made within the organization.
  • How aligned are your direct manager's priorities with your organization's goals?
  • My direct manager has the organization's best interest in mind.
  • My manager takes responsibilities for his/her actions.
  • My direct manager reinforces strengths instead of weaknesses.
  • My direct manager treats everyone in the office equally.
  • My direct manager does not display favoritism.
  • What could your direct manager do to improve?
  • Do you have any other comments regarding your direct manager?

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